John has always been passionate about 3D making. At school and in the following years his main creative outlet was ceramics.

During his degree in Fine Art Sculpture (Bath Spa University College 1997-2000) he became interested in the use of found objects, creating large scale installations and a series of  chairs constructed from found materials and cardboard. This culminated in the Wastescapes exhibition at Walcott Chapel, Bath (2004). The use of found objects is an area of ongoing interest.

In 2005 he attended an evening class in metalwork. Taking inspiration from a love of nature and natural forms (his other great passion being gardening) he started to explore a more representational style, which has led to the work he is making today.

The series of insect sculptures reflect a fascination with the armour-like qualities of these creatures. Overlapping sections of steel, often beaten on an anvil to give texture and form, and tempered to introduce colour, are welded to build their structure.

Seed pod and flower pieces consist of simple shapes repeated and joined en masse to create a detailed sculptural form  (more images of these pieces will be available soon).

Displayed recent pieces includes work in Clifton Nurseries, Maida Vale and Dutch Nurseries, Brookmans Park.

John works mostly to commissions. For all enquiries please contact John.

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